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With their forward-thinking agribusiness and strategic direction, EthnoProduct differs from non-organic dairy production enterprises in the Ukraine.

Strict adherence to the principles of organic agriculture; corresponding to the regulations of European organic production allows EthnoProduct to create a high quality organic product.

Fields and farms are located in the northern Chernigov region of Ukraine. EthnoProduct manages 4000 hectares of organic land (pasture, hay, arable land) and approximately 1000 head of cattle. This creates the basis for production of high quality organic end-products. 

The processing facilities of EthnoProduct are located near Kiev.

The finished organic products are sold under the EthnoProduct brand to retain chains in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine.

Features of our dairy products:

  • Fully owned production chain – from field management to final product.
  • Organic feedstock produces extra grade organic milk.
  • Milk is not homogenized, preserving the natural state of the product.
  • Organic Certificates Organic Standard.
  • Production occurs at small modern dairy plant. Known Israeli company TESSA supplies key components of the plant.
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